Tara Mantell-Hecathorn
Tara has been a part of the company’s day to day operations since its inception over 46 years ago as Co-Founder. Her current roles include being the background person of the company who keeps track of the accounting records, correspondence, and myriad other tasks involved in company management.
After graduating from the University of California at Davis with a degree in wildlife ecology she and Greg moved to Alaska. During their early years in Alaska she participated in wolf research studies and also worked for ten years in commercial construction as a union laborer. Along with building their own log cabins with Greg, she acquired a fair amount of first hand knowledge of the physical demands of construction work.
Experience: 2021 will mark 46 years of dedication to building excellence and client satisfaction
Her focus throughout has always been the family first. She has volunteered extensively in community programs including schools, kids’ sports and Boy Scouts, believing that it is important to make a positive contribution to the community. Her focus on the importance of family continues, but Tara will always love getting out in the mountains and deserts and enjoying the wonder of the outdoors, whether she and Greg are hiking, camping, cycling or cross-country skiing.