Greg Mantell-Hecathorn
Greg has been a builder of distinguished custom homes for 46 years. As Vice President and Founder of Mantell-Hecathorn Builders, Inc., his dedication to building excellence and client satisfaction is unparalleled in southwest Colorado. He was a pioneer of super-insulated, energy-efficient homes in Alaska in the early 1980’s. Greg and Hunter were the first builders in Colorado to earn the credential of Master Certified Green Professionals from the National Association of Homebuilders. This ongoing education and commitment to building science gives him the knowledge to be a leader in creating more durable, energy-efficient, healthier and creative homes.
Greg’s ultimate source of happiness is his family. He and Tara have shared 47 wonderful years together, and have raised three exceptional sons who are happy and successful. Greg and Tara homesteaded and hand built a log cabin in the remote Brooks Range wilderness of Alaska in 1975, where they spent 13 winters and which their whole family keeps as their original home. Activities that Greg enjoys include hiking and camping in the beautiful mountains and desert surrounding their Durango home, cycling in the area, international travel and cultures, and returning to their wilderness roots in the Alaskan bush.
Experience: 2021 will mark 42 years of dedication to building excellence and client satisfaction
Family: Married 47 years with 3 exceptional sons, daughter in laws, and 4 grandchildren
Hobbies: Alaska wilderness cabin, exploring the southwest mountains and desert, cycling, international travel