Design-Build by Mantell-Hecathorn Builders

  • April 2019
  • |
  • Christopher Marona

        I almost didn't post this beautiful house because, after our monster winter, I feared that the sight of snow could beget another snowzilla storm.

        But, now, that the daffodils and crocuses have blossomed, I can step back and enjoy how cozy and beautiful this home looks covered in a thick, soft blanket of snow. 

        Reynolds & Associates Architects channeled their inner Frank Lloyd Wright to designed this elegant, contemporary home. The roof line hovering above the central public space rises gently. The angle is easy and matched by the clerestory windows roof line on the bedroom module creating a sense of parallel lines.

        The many and large windows provide a showcase for the collection of arts and crafts style stained glass window inserts. 
Built by energy efficiency gurus, Mantell-Hecathorn Builders, the home features double wall super insulation and ultra efficient Kolbe windows. The custom builders combined an imaginative array of unique and traditional materials to clad the building and achieve a range of textures and tones. 

        Outside living didn't take a back seat. To delight a master gardener, the design incorporated an area for a zen garden just off the front entrance. In back, a much larger covered patio serves to entertain groups or as a quiet viewpoint to enjoy evenings warmer than this one. 

        As they do with all their homes, Mantell-Hecathorn Builders had the house tested to Zero Energy Ready standards. This home rated 49%; which means they will save 51% of the energy costs spent to power and heat a reference house of the same size. Saving half of your energy bill? That should take the chill off a cold winter's eve. 

        Christopher Marona specializes in photographing architecture for the building, design and hospitality industries. Christopher pushes cutting-edge photographic technologies and blends them with a classical aesthetic vision delivering nothing less than the best images for his clients.

        Based in Colorado, he loves the Rockies; the mountains, of course, and the baseball team as well. His work has taken him as far as the Southern tip of Tasmania where he had the chance to photograph two of his favorite critters; the Tasmanian Devil and the elusive Wombat. 

        Christopher brings over two decades of experience, passion, and vision to each and every project. Clients recommend him not only for his dedication to his craft, but his tireless determination to achieve beautiful imagery. They do not recommend him for his snow shoveling skills.